Transition Phase

The Fundamentals

One of the most important junctures of our relationship will be the first 90 days. We call this the Transition Phase.  We are just getting to know each other, but at Dermer Management we are not sitting back waiting to react to the next challenge that comes up.  We proactively start digging in!

We follow a transition check list that has been formed with our considerable experience over 22 years.  This list covers everything on your property from the roof to the basement and all of the little things in between like outstanding violations, contract reviews, free basic evaluations of the physical structure of your building...the list goes on and on.

Here is just one quote from a recent happy customer:

"After researching management companies in New York City for our A.I.R. co-op at 140 Grand Street, and talking to as many board members in Soho as we could find for recommendations - we met with Dermer Management.  We hired them and have been happy with their work from the day they started to work with us.  Adam Berenson has taken us from a self-managed building to a well organized building with a plan for the future -- in less than a year.  We are a building full of artists and both Adam and Dan have been able to navigate the waters with a straightforward approach that is completely transparent and clearly in our best interest.  Their advice has been invaluable in terms of moving our building towards making decisions that are good for the entire coop in a gracious and civil way. We are saving money, making good decisions and able to access their wealth of knowledge regarding everything from city taxes to roof repairs."

"I would not want to be President of this co-op without having Adam by my side."

Carolyn Jones - Board President