Property Management

As owners of Manhattan Property for over 50 years, and working with some of the city’s largest and well-known management firms, we knew there was an opportunity to improve upon what was being offered. We thought to ourselves that these buildings are someone’s home and quite possibly the largest investment they own. We understood how personal that is and why an improved alternative was needed.

As consumers ourselves, we are constantly reviewing the service we receive from vendors in our business, service providers, retail establishments, and customer service phone interactions. Quite frankly, more often then not we find it lacking in so many ways. Perhaps you have experienced lackluster service yourself?

Our philosophy is simple, straight-forward and what we should all expect in our day-to-day interactions with companies we employ:

  1. Operate with Honesty and Integrity
  2. Be Proactive
  3. Focus on the Customer
  4. Listen carefully to what the Customer is saying and Not saying!

We are Inspired to Reach New Heights in property management every day and to do so, the service we provide must be constantly evolving, thoughtful, and relevant. This is at the core of the Dermer Management Philosophy.