Why Dermer Management

Dermer management has a proven, 22 year track record of successfully managing all of our accounts.  Here are just some examples of how we continually improve communities and increase home values:

  • 900 Park Avenue, by the end of our first meeting with the Board of Managers, we saved approximately $40,000 in operating expenses by simply re-evaluating operating expenses and procedures. 
  • Soho Plaza Corp. (514 Broadway/66 Crosby Street), we reduced operating and capital improvement expenses in excess of $60,000 within the first 60 days by scrutinizing operating contracts and capital improvement budgets.
  • At 591 Lexington Avenue/140 East 52nd Street, we increased commercial and residential rental income over 62 percent by negotiating long-term lease commitments and removing problem tenants.
  • At 140 Grand Street, we have saved them more than our annual management fee in our first meeting.

All of these changes were accomplished without anyone asking.  Your manager should be proactive every step of the way - never waiting for you to ask for something at your property to be looked at.  We would do this with our own homes.  Why wouldnt we do it for our clients?