Customer Service

Our Approach

We believe property management is not a complicated business.  It takes time, a certain personality and most importantly, a fine tuned system.  Seventy percent (70%) of the services that real estate management firms provide are standard.  The other thirty percent (30%) is what we believe should determine your decision - the system and personalities who will manage your property.

Most important, the service must be proactive, not reactive.

At Dermer Managemment:

  • Experienced professionals manage your property who are partners in our business.  After all, who better to service your building than someone who is a partner in our business and therefore directly tied to the performance of Dermer Management?
  • Systems in place from the start to efficiently manage your property
  • Financials - Easy to read and understand operating statement sent monthly
  • Capital Improvement Plan so the future is as certain as you can get.
  • Use of Technology to constantly improve the way we interact together.

Dermer Management will never tell you how to spend your money. We use our experience to provide you the information and recommendations that enable you to make the right decisions.