Dermer Management provides personalized property management services through a proactive approach that builds a foundation of fiscal and structural health for your building. We are focused on creating an atmosphere of trust and honesty with our Boards and a pleasant living experience for the Residents. 

             simply put....we manage your building like it was our own!


At Dermer Management we strive to be the premiere, boutique, property management company serving New York City.  We are proactive and flexible in our approach, understanding that different neighborhoods and buildings are unique and have different needs.

Our Real Estate Brokerage service, in conjunction with Prudential Douglass Elliman serves our customers with the same honesty, integrity and professionalism as our management service, along with the flexibility and personalized service required.

At Dermer Management, we are Inspired to Reach New Heights, everyday!


Dermer Management adheres to a core set of values that guides us in what we do everyday.  These values have helped us achieve our goals and more importantly, our outstanding reputation in the industry.  They are the foundation of what we believe makes us, and our business, successful. 


Everyday we represent our properties as if they were are own homes and businesses. 


In our business, it is about being proactive to avoid as many emergency situations as possible.  Our plan is to stay on top of the possibilities, so you don’t have to.


This is your home and possibly your business and we understand that.  We instill trust and confidence from our customers right from the start. 


We take an approach to management that demands all our employees be knowledgeable, organized, attentive to details, efficient and courteous to board members and residents alike.